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Wednesday, January 17, 2007



i've forgotten the name of the nun restaurant too. in fact, i'm not sure i ever remembered to look at it in the first place -- i was too busy trying to comprehend the surreal facade and the nuns in front frying eggs. and then this miniature pony kept walking by, and there was a giant laser... but that's another story. i tried to save face by googling "nun restaurant monterrey" but all i came up with were a few similar entries along the lines of "this restaurant with nuns i can't remember the name of." it's right off the main plaza, opposite end of the governor's palace, but i passed at least one other location. here's to hoping they become a chain. in any case, i'm glad you've gotten to see it too.


I was just in Pisa and it reminded me of Monterrey. Except the Nuns were busy doing nun stuff not serving beer. What's the name of the nun restuarant in Monterrey? I forget.

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