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Monday, April 17, 2006



While I feel for Cindy SHeehan, I think she has had her fifteen minutes and she needs to go home. She is no longer working for a cause, she is self promoting, and therefore really invokes no passion. That said, a young man at work told me the other day that he had driven past a group of people marching on a local recruiting center. They appeard hippie-ish in their attire. WHen he got closer he realized they were all his father's (and my) age. I told him young people today don't know how to protest. He said "why bother" "Nothing changes"


It sounds sad to say, but I think we're all tired. Tired of the propaganda (from all sides), the sloganeering (from all sides), the sense that nothing anyone does will make a difference (at most times) and the fact that nothing seems to be getting any better.

At least, not for those of us who aren't Halliburton stockholders.

Of course, I don't know how much longer people will tolerate being tired before it starts making them angry.

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