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Tuesday, September 06, 2005



Apropos of the being a bizarro world inhabitant. Many europeans assume americans are the same, like all french, germans or what have you are the same. Never mind you could fit their whole continent in the back pocket of our country. I hear "They're american too..." As if I travelled this far to chat about peanut butter and baseball. In my last flat I had much more in common with the couple from East Berlin than the two from El Paso.

M Sinclair Stevens

Well the "convey a positive image" idea explains why hundreds of trained firefighters and medical worker who volunteered to go in and relieve the beleagered New Orleans forces are sitting around in Atlanta taking learning how to hand out FEMA fliers and pose for Bush photo ops.

Stories here and here:


My favorite quote from the Fox article: "[FEMA Director Michael] Brown said that among duties of these employees was to 'convey a positive image' about the government's response for victims."

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