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Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Jack Ruttan

Lantern ghost of O-iwa rules!


Oops I mean that...comment that was made right before my friend there posted. Yeah. Eegs.


Hey there, I would be careful when repeating information you found on youkaimura, as while some of it is right a lot of it is inaccurate or just plain made up by the author. For example, Kerakera Onna is in fact a giant female apparition who appears in the sky, cackling at people. She is supposed to be scary and disturbing and not a thing that makes people happy. Ittan Momen is also a creature that attacks and strangles people, not friendly at all (except in Kitaro comics). Speaking of which, do pay attention to that first comment, except it's Mizuki, not Mizuno. He is a renowned youkai expert and his books are where I learned the truth about these creatures, and that you can't always trust the internet.

I have been trying to get better youkai information in English out there by starting my own website though, if you want to look at it:

Have fun!

Take what Youkaimura says with a grain of salt.

for better info and drawings try obakemono.com or get the Mujara series of books by Shigeru Mizuki and learn to read Japanese.

Ken M

Have you ever seen the works of Japan's Manga Master of youkai stories, Shigeru Mizuno? He's most famous for "Ge Ge Ge no Kitarou", but all of his works are good. He has also led an extraordinary life - he lost an arm and barely survived as a soldier during WWII, and he's written a huge manga autobiography of his experiences.


That was a really cool list. I wish I learned more about folklore and supersitions- stuff like that- when I was in Japan.


I enjoyed.


wonderful, thank you!

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