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Wednesday, December 01, 2004



Hi Karla, Love your blog and amazing pictures. The rooster is incredible. So gald you are out of the hospital, hope you have a great Christmas.


Shelley, good luck in South Korea! I am always happy to hear from someone about to embark on an adventure. It WILL be worth it.

mmulibra, the scary part is, that green light isn't even an effect. That's exactly how it looks. Eeeeerie.


The green light effect on your picture is scary.. it reminds me of all those Japanese horror film.. Yaik!!


I've been reading your blog. I just stumbled on it a few days ago and read through all of it.
I love them. I leave for South Korea on December 26th to teach for one year and your blogs have not only confirmed to me that I am doing the right thing, but that I will have ups and downs but it will all be worth it.
Thanks for that!
I am stopping over in Japan for 4 days before heading to South Korea. I am quite excited now.
Keep writing!!!

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