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Saturday, November 27, 2004


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They even clap differently -- women in television audiences often applaud with splayed fingers, like the kindergarteners I know with still-developing motor skills.

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I can say he's one of the smartest kid i've heard. Keep it up boy!

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Jamesha Walker

I respect your opinion, but I have to disagree. Many Japanese
women are more comfortable in their roles in society than some
Westerners, unlike myself, believe. All Japanese women don't act
like that! Most are more mature and classier than the women you
were talking about. I will rather respect the whole Japanese
culture than criticize only one part. Only thing I disagree with
is school girls having to wear only white underwear! That's just
appalling. Why should the color of girls' underwear matter? Do
some teachers and pornographers have a fetish for lolitas in
white underwear and sailor uniforms?


This was very interesting. Indeed, the stereotype of Japanese women acting cute is so famous, to the point that it is affecting the cultures of its nearby regions such as S. Korea and here in Hong kong. Under the influences of Japanese pop culture, teenage girls(and even girls in their 20s-early 30s sometimes) here often(HK) seem to imitate the way Japanese girls walk, talk, and more obviously, the way they dress. Girls will be pleased if they're called "kawaii". i wonder if this is gonna spread over furtherly. :P


that was really interesting to read, and very well written. I'm quite enjoying your blog. <3


Great article...the way Japanese women telephone voice absolutely makes my skin crawl. I used to teach at GEOS, and whenever I'd answer the phone, my manager would stand next to me waving her hands in the air, signaling for me to raise the ton of my voice three or four octaves--even when I was speaking English. So creepy.


Alexis, that was an interesting read. Thanks for the link.


It's becoming a topic of conversation here in the States now that manga is taking over the graphic novel sections of mainstream bookstores (and most of it shoujo). The peeps at Sleep Is For the Weak wrote an interesting column about what gender messages are being communicated to (American) girls via manga, particularly as it pertains to... well, it's a clash of ideals that was pretty much inevitable. In any case, the column was an interesting read, as is the discussion that followed in the forum.

FYI: http://www.sleepisfortheweak.org/articles/shoujodangers.html

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