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Friday, October 01, 2004



Jef, I totally agree with you. Two things though -- I DID actually look for silly quotes in Kerry's speech, I tend to think all politicians are worthy of ridicule. I just didn't find any. Sure, he mentioned his service in Vietnam about 600 more times than necessary, but otherwise, nothing he said personally struck me as awful. I'm sure others would have chosen different quotes than mine, and no doubt someone's would have been Kerry's. And yes, this is a silly and arbitrary and shallow game to be playing in the first place. But that just brings me to my second thing. Bush has made me so angry... you know when you can't gnash your teeth or scream or cry anymore, all you can do is laugh? Well, sometimes I just have to try to laugh. It wasn't meant so much as an attack as a letting off of steam. Juvenile, probably, but therapeutic? A little bit. At least at the moment, it's the best I got.


This was my personal favorite:

Bush: "I think that by speaking clearly and doing what we say and not sending mixed messages, it is less likely we'll ever have to use troops."

No kidding. I'm really looking forward to having a president who can speak clearly.


Ok. I am no fan of Bush, but lately I find the venom with which some parts of the left are going after him to be almost embarassing. Kerry did very well in the debate, yes, but I'm sure one could find some quotes of his that make him seem silly/stupid, too.

I suppose I feel like to stoop to this level of attack -- outright, and easy, ridicule -- reduces the legitimate arguments that our side might have against his administration, and makes our side seem a bit juvenile.

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