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Tuesday, October 05, 2004



Jarred, so did you, you know, do the dew?
Sorry. If I didn't type it, I would have just kept thinking it.

Tara, that chopsticks-in-rice thing is generally one of the first thing people will tell foreigners new to Japan. Sorry you had to learn the hard way, but I suppose it makes for a better story. They should make people sign a statement about it at airport immigration or something. Maybe a big sign, "Welcome to Japan" with a huge illustration of chopsticks in rice, circled with a line through it.


I recently visited Japan for a month and when we were discussing our superstitions with a friend who lived there, we were amazed at the number 4 belief. Who would have known?! Also, we learned quickly that you do not stick your chopsticks in your rice. My home stay mother jumped from her seat and pulled them out with a yelp of horror, grabbed the dictionary, and started to explain why I shouldn't have done that! It was very amusing. I loved visiting Japan but I do not think that I could live there without more language skills. Thanks for the blog and pictures. It's really neat to come upon sites that you can connect with in a little way. :)


It is good luck to wash your face in the first dew of the year. On the hills after New Year's you'll see a few dozen people upon Arthur's seat doing this. That's the first Scots superstition I could think of.


There's a pretty good reason for that. Not that Japanese culture largely borrowed from Chinese culture or anything like that. Of course not.


I'm sure you wouldn't be surprised to learn that in Cantonese, the words/characters four and death have the same association with one another, for the exact same reason.

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