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Monday, January 19, 2004



been there! Just laugh. You can't take the opnions of someone so ignorant seriously. Maybe she will change after meeting you...

good luck!


I'll just assume the last comment was a joke, and that someone did not seriously write that in response to a post about stereotype and prejudice.


What is the deal with Texas? The most polluted, toxic state in the union, home of Enron, GW, and Anna Nicole Smith, the most capital punishment sentences, Jerry Jones and his "America's Team", the Dallas Cowboys...and now five of the top ten fattest cities in America?!! What a loser state...


Well, that's just birdbrained.


Yeah. bigotry is awesome!


Maybe it's best to smile and look at your shoes. You wouldn't want the Japanese to accuse you of being ham-handed.


I ate my hula hoop. Say it three times fast.


America: Land of the Fad Diet


The stereotype that Americans are fat may be somewhat true in a lot of cases, but the stereotype that all Japanese are really tactful sure isn't. That story is just another drop in the Japanese-people-aren't-perfect-after-all bucket.

According to the American Obesity Association 60 million adults and 15% of the adolescents are obese.

Texas has five cities in the top ten fattest cities list this year: Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Fort Worth, and Arlington.

Certainly the two things that struck us most when we moved back to Austin from Japan was 1) Americans are loud and 2) Americans are big (both tall and fat). And that was 14 years ago. Americans generally are much fatter now than then. I know I am. I've gained 20 pounds since my Japan days.


in the land of consumerism, where commercials try to break down self-esteem while fast food tries to pack as much fat into the food as possible, it's no big suprise. the only thing I noticed the last time I was there was that there were more overweight japanese kids streaming in and out of McDs. luckily I was too busy enjoying japanese food to go more than one time. I thought it was neat to see teriyaki-chicken rice bowls and rice balls wrapped in seaweed sold along with the usual burgers. I don't remember the cheeseburger I had as tasting all that great but then again they only look good on the commercials.


It's your fault Americans eat too much, Karla. Finish that miracle diet book already.


I'm going to the gym.


Americans are pretty fat, Karla. That stereotype embarasses me more than it upsets me, if only because it's disturbingly accurate.

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